The Project

bullet pointWhere is the site and what areas are being affected?

  • The site is located in the St Leonards South precinct, an area which Lane Cove Council has identified to be rezoned.
  • The site outlined in blue is being developed Top Spring, bordering Canberra Avenue and Holdsworth Avenue.
  • Some other key features include:
    • The St Leonards Station is around 450 metres north of the site and Wollstonecraft Station is around 500 metres to the south
    • The future Crows Nest metro station will be 450 metres east of the site.
    • See map below

bullet pointWhat is going to happen now?

A single planning proposal and a concept DA for Stage 1 of the Redevelopment have been submitted to Lane Cove Council. Both the planning proposal and concept DA will be assessed by Council.

Further progress on specific designs and the general development of the site will be dependent on the nature and extent of Council feedback and amendments to the application.

bullet pointWhat is the timeframe?

Construction works cannot commence until Development Consent has been sought from Lane Cove Council and therefore the timeframe for the project will be contingent on the progress of Councils review process.

Overall, the project is intended to align with the timeframes set by Lane Cove Council and the State government’s plan in transforming St Leonards and Crows Nest Metro Station. This timing will ensure that residents have good access to both work and home.

bullet pointCan I give feedback?

Yes, you can provide comments in the feedback form on this website. This is intended for comments on the project or if there are specific questions from people regarding Top Spring Australia’s proposal for the site.

Lane Cove Council is responsible for coordinating formal public consultation on developments in the local area so formal submissions should be directed to Council and through appropriate processes.

The developers and the government

bullet pointWho are delivering the project?

Top Spring Australia is the owner and developer of the site and is working with award-winning architects and landscape designers to ensure the best quality outcome for future residents and the St Leonards South community.

Top Spring partners for this project are; Architectural design by Bates Smart and Landscape design by Arcadia Design Studio.

Previously, the community said there is a ‘piecemeal approach’ to planning the area. How are you going to address this?

The planning proposal and concept DA have been designed to be consistent with the planned rezoning proposed by Lane Cove Council for the St Leonards South Precinct.

The redevelopment will follow an overall comprehensive and holistic approach that allows for key consideration of built form and elements consistent with Councils vision of the St Leonards South redevelopment.

bullet pointWhy are the developers submitting planning proposals instead of waiting for Council to finalise its own planning proposal?

Planning for the redevelopment of the St Leonards South area has been ongoing since mid-2012. This includes both Local and State Government visions to transform the area into transport, residential and pedestrian hub.

The Planning Proposals and Concept Development Applications initiated by Top Spring Australia’s for their land holdings in St Leonards South seek to progress the Council-led rezoning of the St Leonards South precinct outside of the 2036 Plan as well as provide certainty to Council and to the community in regard to scale & quality of the developments.

bullet pointWill you overshadow Newlands Park, or have any other adverse impacts on Newlands Park?

Due to sloping topography, the Planning Proposal submitted by Top Spring Australia will inevitably cause some overshadowing to Newlands Park. Council’s Planned Rezoning acknowledges this, and the proposal submitted by Top Spring minimises the extent of overshadowing originally envisaged by Council in their plans.

The site

bullet pointWhat urban design outcomes underpin the planning proposal?

The project adopts the urban design principles outlined in previous works prepared by Lane Cove Council, this includes but not limited to St Leonards South Draft Masterplan, St Leonards South Draft Landscape Masterplan, St Leonards South Draft DCP.

This includes through site links, landscaped green corridors through the new buildings and architecturally designed quality apartments.

How will construction noise be managed?

The construction partner for the site has not yet been decided. Lane Cove Council will usually provide conditions in the development consent regarding noise curfews, time of work restrictions and general noise management and these will be complied with by Top Springs Contractor when the time comes.

bullet pointWill any open spaces be provided for the public to use? Like dog parks, children’s play or seated areas?

Consistent with Councils planned rezoning of St Leonards South Top Springs proposal provides for two through site links between Holdsworth Ave and Canberra Ave. Top Springs design approach will enable Council to construct the proposed pocket park at the end of Holdsworth Ave. Future residents will also have access to communal landscaped areas, rooftop gardens, as well as access to Newlands park.

bullet pointHow will traffic issues be addressed?

Top Spring have commissioned traffic reports which outline the overall impact on traffic and pedestrian movements, and these are consistent with Council’s vision for the St Leonards South. The project team will be working with the relevant government authorities to minimise the impact the development will have on street and pedestrian traffic.

bullet pointWill the sites be linked to public transport?

The precinct is located about 450m south of the St Leonards Strategic Centre and train station and the planned Crows Nest Metro Station which will include new public transport links in the near future. The precinct is also approximately 500m north of Wollstonecraft station and there are bus stops along River Road within 100m of the three sites.

bullet pointHow will parking be managed?

All development proposed will have basement carpark with spaces available for residents and visitors. The total number of parking spaces is yet to be confirmed. Parking provisions on the street and surrounding the site will be at the discretion of RMS and the Local Council authority. Given the site’s proximity to public transport, it is expected that new residents will be able to take advantage of the easy access to bus, train and cycle facilities.

bullet pointWhat are the height allowances for the site?

The site is intended to be zoned as R4 high density residential. This will provide a variety of housing types and also enable land use for other facilities or services that meet any day-to-day needs for residents.

The proposed height allowance ranges from 15m to 37m which align with what has been proposed in the Council-led Planning Proposal.

bullet pointWhy are developers submitting planning proposals before Council has finalised their plans for the local area?

Top Spring Australia believe the best approach to developing the St Leonards South sites is to proceed separately to the on-going and as yet, incomplete plans being mapped out by the government. Planning for the redevelopment of the precinct has been going on since 2012 and the State Government’s 2036 Plan for the precinct may not be finalised for many years to come. Top Spring Australia would like to begin creating projects on the site without keeping the projects on hold indefinitely.

bullet pointHow do the proposed planning proposals differ from Council’s planning proposals?

The planning proposals submitted by Top Spring is broadly consistent with the St Leonards South Masterplan and Council’s St Leonards South Residential Precinct Planning Proposal. The planning proposals follow the Draft DCP controls in Council’s Planning Proposal and are generally consistent with the Draft LEP controls. Any inconsistencies between Council’s Planning proposals and the developers planning proposals are only due to resolving site-specific constraints and land ownership issues.

The community

bullet pointHow will this development be compatible with the character of St Leonards?

The site will be designed and developed with a team of experienced architects who understand the area and the expectations of existing residents. Based on previous community consultation, Top Spring understand that maintaining the character of the area is important to the community. Therefore, the development teams will be working to create high quality, well integrated residential blocks in line with the government vision for the area which are compatible with the character and ambience of the suburb.

bullet pointHow will this project contribute to the community?

St Leonards South has been identified by a number of local and state government strategic planning documents as an area suitable for growth and redevelopment. The precinct benefits from excellent access to public transport, health and education facilities and is located in an economic growth corridor.

Redevelopment of the sites creates an exciting opportunity for transit oriented development in the St Leonards South area, providing homes close to jobs, facilities and increasing active transport. The projects provide high amenity housing choice for the future residents of Lane Cove LGA whilst directly providing or enabling the delivery future public domain such as cycling access, walking paths, pocket parks, open spaces and landscaping elements.

The redevelopments will provide new housing apartments designed by award winning architects which are integrated into the community and existing landscape fabric.